"After implementing PAS Media, the packaging production at Ricola underwent a radical change. Packaging workflows are now displayed more clearly, which allows us to work more efficiently. Managing our packaging artworks has never been so easy. PAS Media has exceeded all our expectations."

Léonie Müller, Product Manager, Ricola AG

"Thanks to PAS Media, we accelerated our approval cycles and significantly lowered our shipping cost."

Boris Kaiser, Senior Manager Planning & Product Care, CSL Behring AG

Our Customers

Ricola AG

  • Swiss manufacturer of herb sweets
  • More than 40 different ranges of sweets and teas
  • Export to over 50 countries
  • Revenue: CHF 294 million

Website: www.ricola.com


  • Switzerland’s largest retailer
  • 100,000 employees
  • Operating in retail, specialty store and gastronomic business
  • Revenue: CHF 27.4 billion
  • 90% of revenue generated by private labels

Website: www.migros.ch

Dirk Rossmann GmbH

  • Second-largest drug store chain in Germany
  • 47,000 employees
  • Other markets in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Albania and Turkey
  • Revenue: EUR 79 billion

Website: www.rossmann.de

Chocolat Frey AG

  • Swiss manufacturer of chocolate and chewing gums
  • Number one in Swiss chocolate market
  • Export to over 50 countries
  • Revenue: CHF 797 million

    Website: www.chocolatfrey.ch


  • German manufacturer of baked goods
  • Emerging export markets in Poland, the UK, the USA, China, Poland und the Arabian region
  • Revenue: EUR 535 million

Website: www.bahlsen.com

JTI - Japan Tobacco International

  • Globally operating tobacco company, based in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Doing business in over 120 countries
  • Brands such as Winston, Camel, LD and American Natural Spirit
  • Revenue: USD 10.3 billion

Website: www.jti.com

Fredag AG

  • Provider of gastronomic supplies
  • Supplier of all large Swiss supermarkets
  • Over 30,000 tons production volume per year

Website: www.fredag.ch

MEDA Pharma GmbH & Co.
MEDA Manufacturing GmbH

  • Pharmaceutical business
  • Diversified product portfolio in all pharmaceutical fields
  • Subsidiaries in over 60 countries

Website: www.medapharma.de

Wander AG (Associated British Foods)

  • Food manufacturer
  • Produces brands such as Ovomaltine, Caotina and Isostar
  • Export to over 40 countries

Website: www.wander.ch

Pastinella AG

  • Pasta manufacturer
  • Broad product range for retail and gastronomic businesses
  • 4,700 tons production volume per year

Website: www.pastinella.ch

Micarna SA

  • Meat processor
  • 131,000 tons sales volume
  • 2,500 employees
  • Revenue: CHF 1.4 billion

Website: www.micarna.ch

Mibelle AG (Mibelle Group Personal Care)

  • Manufacturer of cosmetics and hygiene products
  • Revenue: CHF 200 million, thereof 50% by exports

Website: www.mibellegroup.com


  • Specialist in the trade with assembly and fixing material
  • 400 companies in over 80 countries
  • Revenue: EUR 11.8 billion

Website: www.wuerth.com

Bischofszell Nahrungsmittel AG

  • Manufacturer of frozen products, instant meals and beverages
  • About 1000 employees
  • Revenue: CHF 543 million

Website: www.bina.ch

Lactalis (Groupe Lactalis)

  • Dairy company
  • Premium brands such as Président, Galbani and Salakis
  • Revenue (Groupe Lactalis): EUR 17 billion

Website: www.lactalis.de

Aproz Sources Minérales SA

  • Manufacturer of beverages
  • Product range comprises mineral water, soft drinks, syrup and soda concentrates
  • Revenue: CHF 91 million

Website: www.aproz.ch

CSL Behring AG

  • Internationally operating biopharmaceutical company
  • Specialized on the production of plasma products
  • Over 1,300 employees

Website: www.cslbehring.ch

Delica AG

  • Acquisition, processing, packaging and marketing of raw and trade goods from all over the world
  • Focus on coffee and non-perishable foods
  • Revenue: CHF 797 million

Website: www.delica.ch

Estavayer Lait SA (ELSA)

  • Food producer with a focus on dairy products
  • 652 different items
  • Revenue: CHF 597 million

Website: www.elsa.ch

Gastina GmbH

  • Wholesaler for convenience food
  • Instant meals, lasagna, soups, stuffed pasta and meat specialties
  • Revenue: CHF 28 million

Website: www.gastina.com

Hochdorf Nutritec AG

  • Swiss food manufacturer
  • Powdered milk, baking agents, flour mixtures, baby food, dietary products, malt drinks and cereals
  • Revenue: CHF 551 million

Website: www.hochdorf.com

Homann Feinkost GmbH

  • German manufacturer of delicatessen
  • Focus on salads, fish and meat products and dressings
  • Europe-wide about 3000 employees

Website: www.homann.de

Jägermeister (Mast-Jägermeister SE)

  • Producer of the famous herb liqueur
  • Sold more than 88.3 million Jägermeister bottles in 2015

Website: www.jaegermeister.de

Stabilo (Schwan-STABILO / Schwanhäußer Industrie Holding)

  • German manufacturer of writing utensils and cosmetic products
  • Over 1,500 employees
  • Products available in more than 180 countries

Website: www.stabilo.com

Lisner Spolka z o.o.

  • Polish food producer, based in Poznan
  • Focus on fish delicatessen for the polish and international market

Website: www.lisner.pl

Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA

  • Globally operating health care group
  • World market leader for dialysis therapies and products
  • More than 3,500 dialysis clinics in North America, Europa, Latin America, Asia and Africa
  • Revenue: USD 16 million

Website: www.fresenius.ch

Midor AG

  • Swiss food producer
  • Focus on biscuits, refreshments, dessert powders, ice-creams and Swiss carnival cakes
  • Revenue: CHF 216 million

Website: www.midor.ch

Sika AG

  • Globally operating specialty chemical company
  • Supplier to main clients in the construction industry and manufacturing
  • Revenue: CHF 5.4 billion

Website: www.sika.ch

Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller

  • Europe-wide operating food company, based in Luxemburg
  • Most famous brand "Müllermilch"
  • Revenue: EUR 6.5 billion

Website: www.muellergroup.com

Mifroma SA

  • Swiss company that is focused on cheese processing
  • 1,013 products, 27,599 tons sales volume per year
  • Revenue: CHF 338 million

Website: www.mifroma.ch

Sun Store SA (GaleniCare)

  • Swiss pharmacy chain with over 100 stores
  • Product range comprises meds, natural meds, nutrition & dietary products, childcare articles, etc.

Website: www.sunstore.ch

H. & E. Reinert Westfälische Privat Fleischerei GmbH

  • Manufacturer of sausage products in Germany and Europe
  • Producer of the famous "Bärchenwurst"
  • Revenue: EUR 325 million

Website: www.reinert.de

Nordzucker AG

  • Europe-wide operating sugar producer, based in Braunschweig, Germany
  • Over 250 products
  • Revenue: EUR 2 billion

Website: www.nordzucker.de


Swiss pastry maker

  • Operates 100 in-store bakeries all over Switzerland, a mill and a pasta factory
  • 3,000 different products
  • Revenue: CHF 792 million

Website: www.jowa.ch