Significant experience in the consumer goods sector

Packaging is a very important aspect of companies that operate within the FMCG sector. At the POS, the consumer decides within a few seconds whether to buy a product or leave. Such decisions are often taken intuitively or unconsciously. Therefore, visually appealing and informative packaging plays a very important role communicating the brand to the potential customer. The PAS Media artwork lifecycle management solution increases the productivity of your creation processes and makes the management of all your packaging & marketing artworks much easier.

Thus, your business can focus fully on the promotion of your products. With one click, you can see all current packaging and marketing projects with their respective deadlines and responsibilities. You always have the complete overview of the status of every single project.

Our automated project management tools can free up your time to spend on more productive, creative tasks that help to promote your products.

Leading global FMCG companies such as JTI, Chocolate Frey, Müller Milk, Stabilo, Jägermeister and Reinert are using PAS Media for their daily packaging and marketing artwork tasks. With over 15 years experience delivering best practice process optimization, we would be delighted to help you too.


Artwork Management System for FMCG businesses


  • Global distribution requires localized packaging and marketing material in multiple languages
  • Cooperation with a variety of different internal and external participants
  • Intense collaboration between the marketing and production departments for product innovations


  • Improved transnational coordination and communication within the project team & all within PAS Media software
  • Fewer errors and missed deadline thanks to intelligent automated workflows
  • All local and global system activities are completely traceable via audit trails that create transparency and security
  • Users can focus on the actual design and promotion of a product enabling greater productivity across the design to print process
Artwork Management System for retailers


Deliver more different types of artwork projects in less time

Irrespective of your retail business selling food products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, office supplies etc. – as soon as you launch a range of private label products, the creation of packaging artworks and labels will be one of your key activities. The more variation of private label products you have with all their various sizes, ranges and packaging options, the more complex the creative management of these single, but related items becomes.

PAS Media helps you to manage not only all your packaging projects but also your marketing campaigns (print, online, billboard, etc.) – with a single software application. If you want to modify an already existing artwork - for example for a Christmas edition - you can find all the files needed in the PAS Media DAM (Digital Asset Management).

For 15 years, renowned retail companies have been using PAS Media to improve the efficiency of their packaging and marketing projects. Rossmann (Germany’s second-largest drugstore chain) and Migros (Switzerland’s largest retailer) are carrying out thousands of packaging and marketing projects with PAS Media every year.


  • Usually a very broad and deep product range incorporating both private and own label brands
  • Specially modified packaging for campaigns and promotions
  • Collaboration with multiple external and international suppliers


  • Clearly organised and best practice management of thousands of marketing projects
  • Quick and easy change request tools for adaption of existing artworks need for promotions or campaigns
  • Harmonized coordination and secure communication with external suppliers across the design to print supply chain


Complex packages with a low expenditure of resources

Cosmetic products, particularly perfumes are often sold in luxurious and innovative high-quality packaging. Even though the product ranges are usually narrower compared to the FMCG and retail sector, the consumer’s expectations are very high. PAS Media helps you to streamline your creative artwork processes, enabling you to easily modify and approve artworks, while maintaining the communication between graphic designers and product managers. Delays and misunderstandings within projects become a rarity.

Based on feedback from key customers such as: Mäurer & Wirtz and Rossmann, we understand the key requirements of the fragrances and care products sector.

Artwork Management System for cosmetics manufacturer


  • Luxury goods that aim for a special high impact packaging experience
  • Global distribution requires localized packaging and marketing material in multiple languages
  • Strong focus on brands and the management of their respective licenses and rights


  • Easier and more efficient project management for complex packaging artworks
  • Improved coordination and communication with internal and external suppliers
  • Fewer errors and delays when localizing for different markets
  • Quick and location-independent access to all relevant artwork & graphic material
  • Ability to proof the high-resolution artwork quickly including the functionality to proof multiply colours including special colours such as silvers and golds
Artwork Management System for pharmaceutical companies


GMP validated and FDA compliant packaging artworks 

In the pharmaceutical and healthcare business the rules are different: PAS Media knows the regulatory requirements of this industry. Therefore, it comes as no surprise, that customers from around the globe trust us to manage their most valuable goods, their digital packaging labels/artwork. For the pharmaceutical industry, we have separate system environments according to the GMP recommendations. FDA-compliant audit trails, electronic signatures and much more are standard in our system. To choose the right partner is critical in this industry, and PAS Media has a proven record.


  • High regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical packaging
  • GMP-requirements must be met in the entire company, including IT
  • Complex documentation of the internally used software
  • Changes in regulation call for flexibility in labeling and artwork design


  • Computer system validation (GAMP 5)
  • Documentation support (URS, DSQD etc.) & Audit support
  • Dedicated test system for PQ’s
  • Our experienced consulting team helps you constantly to improve the processes
  • Auto version comparison removes the risk of file version errors
  • Ability to proof the print ready PDF’s