Efficient artwork management

PAS Media is the all-in-one solution that can manage your design to print business processes from the design briefing to the approval of print-ready files, including the ability to proof and approve your graphical content within your standard browser.

PAS Media is a SaaS application which is ready to be used globally without the need of any local software installation or IT infrastructure. It can be operated from any browser.

PAS Media improves the collaboration and productivity between participants involved in design to print projects by reducing errors, automating project tasks and providing key reporting about project statuses to managers.

Tens of thousands of users in 100 countries around the globe rely on PAS Media every day as their primary, indispensable tool to manage hundreds of thousands of packaging & marketing artwork projects every year.

In the age of shortened product lifecycles and the demand for quick turnaround of graphics, PAS Media is the perfect solution to manage design, graphics and print-ready data in an easy and productive way using pre-stored project templates.

The centralized and supplier-independent management, creation and approval of design and print data (inclusive of packaging artworks) offers huge benefits: You can react quickly to market trends, regulatory requirements and customer needs. This enables you to have a head start over your competitors while reducing the risk of errors.

Flexible Project Management

  • Pre-stored project & workflow templates enable fast, easy and flexible control
  • Keep established processes, increase their efficiency with automation
  • Modify, copy, add and create new workflows with no need for IT experts
  • Create your own meta-data attributes to capture key project data and enable fast search & retrieval


Easy integration

  • Connect third-party-software by using standard interfaces
  • Import existing project data from ERP/other systems
  • Integrate local and international suppliers into your design to print & approval processes

Easy to use

  • Easy to use despite broad range of functionality
  • Easy project management & system operation remain, even when managing the most complex workflows
  • Fast, accurate and easy to use online proofing tools enable corporate users to collaborate on artwork proofing

Process and system security

  • Documented processes and approval cycles
  • GMP-validated and FDA-compliant audit trails
  • Electronic Signatures conforming to 21 CFR Part 11
  • SaaS IT infrastructure with the highest system & data security

Cost reduction

  • Reduced project management & approval cycle times
  • Improved communication & coordination, resulting in fewer errors
  • Detailed reports help you to Improve your processes and analyse you projects
  • Automated version control reduces the risk of file version errors


The all-in-one solution for Packaging Artwork and Media Asset Management

PAS Media incorporates four main areas: The Media Asset Management, the Project Management, the Intelligent Archive and the Reporting Center, which together can be easily configured to build anything from a very simple artwork approval tool with online proofing, or a complete end to end artwork management solution for a global enterprise. Learn more about each main area by clicking on the respective symbol:

To successfully carry out a project, you need a variety of different documents. In the Media Asset Management, all these files can be stored and accessed by all participating users. Marketing material, artworks, briefings, layout sketches, pictures or text files for labels in different languages, etc. – they can all be stored centrally in the Media Asset Management.

Within the PAS Media Project Management dashboard, you define every single step of your artwork project. You can easily organize the team and the responsibilities for a task/tasks to a specific person or department. If deadlines are at risk or cannot be met, the task owner will be notified automatically & the project manager can easily adjust future task durations to keep to the project deadline. PAS Media enables users to message each other directly within the project. All project dialogue is kept and archived with the project on completion.

Fast, accurate and easy to use online proofing: The VMAC-tool (View, Measure, Annotate and Compare) enables you to view and check submitted artworks. Comments and proposed modifications can be attached directly in the document view. In this way, the graphic designer responsible knows immediately when and by whom the displayed propositions were made. When the final version of an artwork is ready, the person responsible can approve it by an electronic signature. VMAC is designed to be fast and easy to use for both non-technical proofers and feature rich for professional proofing participants by adding and removing tools depending on the different end users needs.

Both completed and paused projects are stored in the Intelligent Archive. Users can access these stored documents and project data at any time. This is especially useful when existing artworks have to be adapted due to new regulatory requirements or changed customer needs. In such cases, the affected project can be located by the intelligent search function and the necessary artwork adaptations can be made. 

Within the Reporting-Center, you can view the data related to all your projects. Which tasks took the most time? Which suppliers perform best? Which tasks can be optimized? The reporting center contains 22 standard reports which enables you to extract project metrics in a few clicks. You can easily create a report with all interesting KPI (Key Performance Indicators) in order to help you optimize your workflows and deliver improvements to the business.


Artwork Lifecycle Management in the Cloud – since 2002

PAS Media is a SaaS solution (Cloud Software/Software as a Service). The “client software” is just a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.). For this reason, no further software needs to be installed on the client's side. The server infrastructure of PAS Media fulfills the highest standards regarding security, availability and performance.


Interfaces to our Artwork Management System

When you start using PAS Media in your business, you can continue working with your established software solutions as before: You can integrate your ERP-, CRM-, CMS-Systems and many other applications into PAS Media via interfaces. Data that you need for the creation or change of projects can be imported into PAS Media, without any processes being interrupted.

To make sure that your print-ready files of your packaging and marketing projects arrive quickly at the right place, we run a high-performance infrastructure: Our own data center is redundant and maintains a high-performance connection to the web that not only ensures fast download rates but also maximum reliability.


Security for your sensitive data

By using top-notch technology and strictly following the safety standards of leading organizations, we are able to ensure that your data is always safe and available. Every software update is checked, quality-tested and completely documented. We have done this since July 2006 by following the strict GMP guidelines (currently: GAMP 5).

Physical safety

- Private highly secure data center in Switzerland
- Numerous IT specialists within our team
- Longstanding experience and quick on-site problem solving 

Information safety

- Validated according to GMP recommendations (currently GAMP 5).
- Detailed record of every change and action taken by any user
- Entitled users can access integrated audit trails at any time

Data security

Our own data security managers make sure that your confidential and valuable data is always safe from falling into the wrong hands

Integral safety

Safety on our side also implies our continuing focus on a company-wide security – from access to our buildings and offices to the control of outgoing data files within prepress

Cost Savings

Calculable Return on Investment

With a small risk-free investment, your organization will be able to profit from significant cost reductions and savings on staff resources. With PAS Media, reductions of costs for interfaces, transfers, adjustments and failures are guaranteed. This is possible by simply taking advantage of a true SasS model (Cloud Application/Software as a Service). You pay only for what you consume.

Pay for what you use with Software in the Cloud

PAS Media is a web-based SaaS solution which means that you can rent PAS Media and leave the complete operational management to us. You benefit by saving all the expenses for servers, network infrastructure, backup systems, firewalls and IT staff. In short, you will have predictable costs without any surprises because everything is included - from data transfer and user licenses to updates and support.

Direct cost savings

If you know the costs of your graphic design, prepress and print services providers for data transfer and storage, proofs and print samples, then you will also know about the cost-saving potential.

By using PAS Media, up to 80 percent of these costs can be saved as there is no additional cost for sending data assets. Thee effort needed for sending and receiving data from suppliers and service providers will be reduced at all levels (approval, information collection etc.). All entitled users are able to access the needed print and process information by themselves and they can always be sure to take the correct files.

Even if you have an existing artwork management solution, we can replace it, import your existing data, reduce your cost and increase you efficiencies.

Indirect cost savings

Indirect cost-saving possibilities arise as a result of our system’s reliability and availability, with the security of having the most current files available when needed. The risk of faulty production due to wrong data or poor error detection is significantly reduced. In addition, project visibility and accountability result in more projects delivered on time. All this enables tight deadlines to be met and creative marketing project timelines become far more predictable and productive.


License purchase – the alternative

There may be good reason why you need to install the software locally on your premises - for example your IT security strategy. By request, PAS Media can also be bought as a license and installed within your IT infrastructure. Our consultants will be pleased to give you competent information about the possibilities of both models (rental and license).


Service Level Agreements

Providing first class service and support is very important to us. Consequently, the Service Level Agreements between the parties will outline all the support services agreed to be delivered, including services to any of your supply chain partners in order to safely and efficiently meet your expectation with respect to customer care.

Support by phone and e-mail

During the introduction phase of a new system, it is crucial to have a professional and experienced support service holding your hand, in order to help you and your partners by answering all upcoming questions promptly and with a great can do attitude. We are all ready to answer your questions and to do what we can to help you when you call.

Technical Support

Our hotline is operated by staff that have both experience with the PAS Media application and are also graphic arts professionals. This enables us to solve issues relating to your software configuration as well as any technical issues related to pre-press/print content used within the system. We have a resource of over 1200 professionals with diverse graphics & IT knowledge within the rlc packaging group available to help you solve a variety of problems if needed. We are a family owned business – customer care and long term relationships are very important to us.

Professional training for a smooth start

If your organization invests time and money in a new tool, it is essential to make sure that all employees and partners are trained well from the very first day. 

For this purpose, PAS Media owns a local training room as well as portable training equipment. We can make sure that all the employees and partners are well trained, wherever your location may be. We prepare all our training materials in order to meet your specific needs. Users are trained not only in the functionality of PAS Media but also in the processes they are involved in.

PAS Media server monitoring

All PAS Media servers in the table below are monitored by an independent service provider. Please click on the word «Uptime» to get an expanded view report on a daily basis.

Standard 1:

Standard 2:

Standard 3:

Standard 4:

Standard 5:


The per-cent values displayed above are based on a 365-day year. The monitoring service started in October/November 2015.